Bill Wollrab

Bill Wollrab

I am a skeptic but am also open minded and willing to try new things. I have explored almost every means of finding out how to “feel better,” meaning to have more energy, be happier, be more clear and focused, sleep better, etc.

I accidentally stumbled upon a Breathwork weekend event where Angelika was one of the instructors. To say it was transformational is an understatement. It changed my life. I achieved all of the things above. I am happier. I have more energy. I sleep better. I am more calm, serene, focused, clear-headed and just overall physically and emotionally healthier.

As a skeptic, I wanted empirical evidence so I spent a week at a high-level conference in New York learning about the benefits of breath from several doctors, Harvard and other Ivy League researchers and scientists. I am still not completely sure how breathing emotionally, physiologically and psychologically affects people but I do know one thing: it has a very positive effect on all aspects of my life.

I also know this works for others as I am in these classes with them and I speak with them afterwards.

In short, breathing works and Angelika is the best teacher and facilitator. Her classes are fantastic. She is caring and wants only the best results for her students and clients. Her sincerity and commitment to this wonderful healing tool is incredible and I highly recommend her and this process to absolutely everyone. Thank you, Angelika.

Bill Wollrab (Cofounder of Yard House Restaurants and
VP of American Lighting Supply)
San Diego, California