Angelika offers Customized Therapeutic Treatments:

Chronosomatic Treatment 

Myofascial Release®Treatment 

Breath Awareness Treatment


Angelika’s intention is to assist you in achieving optimal health, emotional development, and well-being.

Each individual treatment, which may also include other therapeutic techniques & healing modalities, is crafted in response to your needs to eliminate stress, alleviate pain, and restore balance and harmony.


What to look forward to:


The purpose of the visit is to facilitate the re-alignment of your body, the mind and spirit to meet and enjoy the freedom to breathe, think, relax, contemplate the beauty of the world and create a renewed focus on what matters.

By releasing bodily restrictions and opening a restricted breathing pattern, you can reduce tension and stress, to restore a sence of safety, allowing for emotional resolution from past or present hurts.

Business people who wish to embrace the opportunity to maximize their “ three lane highway “of life, namely career, friends/family and ultimately, YOU, should certainly experience this unique process, because it will make their decision making sharper, faster and ensure their focus on the most critical aspects of a balanced and successful life.

Only those that truly wish to enhance and enrich their lives should embark on a series of sessions that will allow a broader expansion of one’s persona, self, ego and perception.

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