Customized Therapeutic Treatment

Therapeutic Treatment Services

Angelika’s Therapeutic Treatment is a holistic, intuitive and symptom-specific approach which draws from Eastern and Western healing practices, as well as ancient and native knowledge.

She designs each treatment in response to your unique individual physical, mental and emotional needs, listening deeply to your body’s innate wisdom while guiding you toward your natural state of vivacious health and well-being.

Guided by a keen awareness of subtle energies, she expertly blends Chronosomatics, Myofascial Release, Breathwork, meridian balancing, and intuitive energy work.

Through her nurturing touch, empathic support and intuitive artistry, she helps you heal your bodily restrictions and physical pain — and reduce stress, anxiety, depression, emotional traumas — so you can experience a sense of flowing energy and balance through a body-mind-heart connection.

Angelika offers individual treatments, group classes and workshops throughout the U.S., Italy and England. She sees individual clients at her private practice in Encinitas (half an hour north of San Diego) by appointment only.

” If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla


When speaking about the energy within and around our body, it is often perceived as mystical or unrealistic. However, the body’s energy is just as realistic as the muscular, skeletal and other body systems.

The energy within our body is directed to move by our thoughts and feelings, and is carried throughout our body via a web of strong connective tissue called fascia (pictured on right).

We can think about the fascia tissue as the fiber optics of the body. The fascia are fluid-filled fibers moving the energy, enveloping and isolating muscles, tendons, organs and blood vessels, providing protection and support within the body.

Fascia is everywhere in the body, joining together in horizontal bands around the body. This causes a concentration of energy located in alignment with the seven main chakras or energy centers (pictured on left).