Chronosomatic Treatment

The procedure called ” Chronosomatic treatment ” (developed by Dr. Vincenzo Di Spazio, Italy) enhances the potential of the locomotor system as a regression tool in the dimension of Time to weaken the effect of past events that have negatively affected the resilience of the individual




Our bodies are an incredible treasure trove of hidden memories. 

It remembers deep traces of past events that have left their mark. Traumatic events that can change us irrevocably.

Most of the time we don’t even realize it, but then the body lets us know. Because the body is wise, incredibly wise, and it communicates with us in a very clear way. Of course, to know its language…

Every painful, traumatic event permanently modifies the existential flow of the individual, generating asymmetries in space-time, which tend to recur in a cyclical trend. Also, in this case the universal law of attraction acts, conditioning the return of ancient wounds, which we thought buried in the archive of memory.” (

The potentialities of Chronosomatic treatment are also in the possibility of preventing future illnesses and discomforts. How? Let’s take a simple example. A girl of 20 years old loses her mother. Each point of the spinal map corresponds to two ages. The eighth dorsal vertebra corresponds to the 21st year of age, but also to the 40th. This means that at 39 years of age this girl will show seemingly unexplained symptoms or discomforts. Her body, like a perfect time machine, will resonate again with the memory of mourning suffered at the age of 20.

However, Chronosomac treatment goes far beyond the personal traumas experienced by the subject. Does the body retain traces of painful events that occurred in the family ancestry? “The 24 reflexology points are able to photograph the subject’s exposure to a traumatic experience such as mourning (and not only) and to faithfully preserve the trace for a very long time. Experimental investigations have shown that this trace can be preserved beyond the limits of the life cycle of an individual and projected into the future through the descendants (…) The body becomes the container of biographical and family memories, behaving like a matryoshka, the Russian doll that hides inside it copies in decreasing size: each copy is the mirror of a serious conflict occurred in the past, where the ghosts of those who generated it are stirred. These ghosts are our ancestors, endlessly reciting their tragic role; we see these past events not with our eyes, but with our genes. Therapeutic treatment of these incredible doors of time allows us to act on the signal of genetic psycho-traumatism and its inevitable somatic repercussions, promoting tangible clinical improvement.

CNST (developed by Dr.Vincenzo Di Spazio, 2019) enhances the potential of the musculoskeletal system as a regression tool in the dimension of Time to weaken the effect of past events that have negatively affected the resilience of the individual. It is an extremely simple procedure, but of great help in the path of emotional healing process. After the “Chronosomatic” treatment, the procedure is carried out by the subject in total autonomy and is repeated from 1 to 3 times a day for a period of 3 weeks. At the end of the training period, the subject is invited to remember the stressful experience to evaluate the emotional response.

If the treatment was effective, the subject views the memory of the event as images that have lost much of their conflicting emotional charge (transition from Victim of the Event to Observer.

CNST is an incredibly powerful and wonderful tool, that takes away the power of pain by freeing it from the prison of our body, recreating a feeling of safety, balance in the body and optimal resilience.

Could it really be that simple?



Dr. Vincenzo Di Spazio, Italy, is a homeopathic and psychosomatic doctor, chronoreflexologist and an exponent of Italian energy psychology.

A doctor who went beyond the rigid schemes of traditional medicine, but also beyond the rigid schemes of space-time.

Since 1996 he has dedicated himself to the chronobiology of psycho-traumatism thanks to the discovery of two main chrono-topic circuits, somatic points reflected in the temporal dimension.

Dr. Di Spazio began his research with a simple question: why do symptoms of discomfort occur at a certain age? Are we at the mercy of chance or is it not rather a very precise signal, but coming from a source as yet unknown? Thus, after years of research and studies in 1996, he was finally able to trace a map of 24 points of the spine to which the different ages of life correspond, called the AgeGate Code.

Then he developed a very effective modality called “Chronoreflexology”. which takes the power out of pain by releasing it from the prison of our bodies.

He taught at the Higher Institute of Holistic Medicine and Ecology (ISMOE) of the Carlo Bo University of Urbino from 1994 to 2002 and is a Professor of Neuroscience and theories of the mind.


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