Jessica Pound

Jessica Pound

I was introduced to Angelika through a person who emotionally destroyed my heart. I was so broken, incapable of eating and sleeping, and I had no coping mechanism left. Angelika received me with open arms, and with great faith in my growth and healing, and led me to a new life of breath.

When I began my sessions, I was only able to breathe from my chest with no breathing movement from my diaphragm. She didn’t give up on me, which resulted in me not giving up on myself. Each session taught me about myself, my story from the past and present. Some sessions were at times like growing pains and other moments were mesmerizing and beautiful.  I grew and healed with each breath, my heart was open to love and to be loved, my thoughts shifted in an empowering manner, my life changed, and I changed, and for the better.

It was as though each breath opened a new door into my life. I finally was able to breathe. Before I began my breathing sessions with Angelika I gave up on love for others and for myself. Now, I love and respect myself and because of that, I fell in love with a wonderful man. He is now my husband.

I couldn’t imagine not going through the wonderful journey of breath. I would have missed out on my transformation and I would have missed this NEW life with my loving husband. I am so happy and eternally grateful.

Sometimes, people forget to breathe due to pain, traumas, stress or even stubbornness.  You owe it to yourself to breathe again. Angelika will show you how to transform your life with breathing.

With a thankful heart,

Jessica Pound
Solana Beach, California